SET UPPER PART 23, LOWER PART 31, hot-dip galvanized

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Product number: 101159
Product information "SET UPPER PART 23, LOWER PART 31, hot-dip galvanized"
Mounted clamp set with upper part mounted over 2 cross bars

Mesh width at least 30 mm

Cross bar pitch in maximum 12 mm

Use up to grating height 60 mm

Hot-dip galvanized acc. DIN EN ISO 1461

Clamp set consists of:

  • Upper part 23, hot-dip galvanized

  • Lower part 31, hot-dip galvanized

  • Countersunk head screw DIN 7991 M8x80, steel 8.8, galvanized

  • Square nut DIN 557 M8, hot-dip galvanized

  • Grating fixtures are currently not subject to CE standards but must comply with the legal requirements applicable to the application.
  • grating height: 50 mm, 60 mm
    grating type: full grating, press locked grating, press welded grating
    mesh width: 30x10
    quality: hot-dip galvanized